Hi, I’m Rich—creator of GOODMINZ!

The story of GOODMINZ starts many moons ago when I left home to study an Environmental Science degree at a wild and wonderful place called Aberystwyth. I was a vegetarian; I lived on hummus and, to the despair of my classmates, wore leg warmers knitted by my Nan…

Plants are awesome—they turn our kitchens into places of goodness and inspiration. Eating more of them helps us maintain or recover tip-top health.

Whilst it’s a complex area of debate, it’s well documented that eating more plants and less intensively farmed meat is better for the environment.

And, more and more people hold ideological beliefs about the use of animals for food, which leads to a vegan or vegetarian diet.

So we set out to make something really GOOD and mince-like, and we called it GOODMINZ! It wasn’t created in an industrial kitchen or Silicon Valley with millions of $’s, but in our home kitchen with our foodie family and friends happily tasting along the way.

GOODMINZ is mince made from fresh vegetables and other wholesome ingredients like chickpeas and quinoa. It has delicious flavours, great textures and comes in a rainbow of four delicious flavours that are easy to shape into burgers, balls, sausages and more. Find inspiration for cooking GOODMINZ here.

Its celebration of vegetables makes GOODMINZ quite different to the ‘veggie minces’ and other meat substitutes on the market. Find more about our products here.

Nutritionally, GOODMINZ is really good mince and with each product containing five veggies it’s easy to get 1 of your recommended 5 a day, and more. Read about the nutritional aspects of GOODMINZ here.

Those that put environmental concerns at the heart of their eating can enjoy GOODMINZ knowing they are making a good choice for themselves and future generations.

And we are happy in ourselves that GOODMINZ is good for all creatures great and small.

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Enjoy your visit to our website and thanks for stopping by.