Pimp Your Goodminz

We created GOODMINZ as a mince that you can shape your own way—into burgers, balls, sausages and even crumble into wraps, pies, pizzas and more…

It is super-delicious straight out of the pack, with its simple, classic flavourings of onion, garlic, salt and pepper. So, we also kept it that way—to allow you, the cook, to add additional flavourings that create your own favourite recipes and combinations.

We call it Pimping your GOODMINZ. You can do it with herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, fruits and edible flowers—simply mix them in as you make your shapes, coat your shapes before you cook them or add flavourings to your recipe as you’re cooking it.

So, without further ado, here’s some of our favourite pimps to tantalise your taste buds.

All four GOODMINZs—Green, Purple, Orange and Brown combine wonderfully with the all-time greats of the flavouring world; mix in fresh parsley, coriander, grated fresh ginger or chopped chillies for awesome flavour sensations. But this is where the fun starts—the different natural flavour profile of each GOODMINZ opens up a world of possibilities…

Each GOODMINZ contains five vegetables with carrots and cauliflower in all of them.

The additional hero veggies in Green GOODMINZ are peas, broccoli and spinach. These veggies combine beautifully with soft, fresh green herbs.

Try pimping Green GOODMINZ with chopped mint, basil, dill and chives for supercharged herby flavours. To spice things up, mix in ground cardamom, nutmeg or coriander, or dive into global flavours and mix in (thoroughly) Middle Eastern green harissa paste or wasabi—the latter goes brilliantly with the pea flavours in Green GOODMINZ.

Feeling a bit nutty? Try adding some chopped pistachio nuts. Feeling more seedy? Toasted chopped pumpkin seeds also bring lovely flavours and texture to the table. We love vibrant green Nocellara olives—chop and mix them in for a super-tasty Mediterranean twist; then go a step further by adding chopped basil and toasted pine nuts for a pesto inspired feast!

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The hero veggies in Purple GOODMINZ are beetroot, sweet potato and celeriac.

Purple GOODMINZ pimps brilliantly with woodier herbs—rosemary and thyme and can be given extra zing with classic combinations of chopped fresh mint, tarragon or chives.

Spice-wise, Purple GOODMINZ is lovely with the anise-flavours of toasted and ground caraway seeds. Allspice with its flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove also goes really well with this veggie combo.

You could mix most seeds into Purple GOODMINZ—we especially like toasted sunflower seeds. And, when it comes to nuts, we love mixing in chopped toasted walnuts for amazing bitter-sweet complementary flavours.

We’re great fans of savoury—sweet combinations, and Purple GOODMINZ has a savoury sweetness that is amazing with the addition of chopped dried cranberries or orange zest.

And, if you like a bit of heat, grate-in some horseradish to create a classic beetroot combo; just make sure, as with the wasabi, that you mix it in well!

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Orange GOODMINZ is packed full of sweetcorn, red pepper and butternut squash.

It is delicious pimped with the woodier herbs—thyme or sage or basil for its sweet aromatic pepperiness.

If, like us, you love curry, try pimping Orange GOODMINZ with curry powder. If you like things floral, try adding red harissa paste with rose petals for fragrant North African flavours.

We also like adding the classic blend of ground earthy cumin and citrussy coriander to this orange veggie combo.

Orange GOODMINZ is fab with the addition of chopped toasted almonds, or with grated coconut and chopped apricots continuing the savoury—sweet theme.

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The hero veggies in Brown GOODMINZ are mushrooms, parsnips and fennel.

We love mixing in fried caramelised onions and a sprinkle of thyme or oregano before shaping it into sausages!

Or, if you want a fresh oniony taste, try chopped chives. Tarragon is also fab mixed into this veggie combo. It is also delicious with the sweet anise flavours of ground toasted fennel seed with citrussy coriander.

And, if you’re feeling exotic, try pimping it with ras-al-hanout—a North African medley of fragrant spices. We also love to mix in toasted pine nuts, chopped sun-dried tomatoes or salty little capers—they all make great flavour pimps for Brown GOODMINZ!

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These are a few of our ideas of how you can Pimp your GOODMINZ to create your own recipes and flavour combinations.

Enjoy Pimping your GOODMINZ and Eating More Plants!

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